Wicked Winter Collection
The Pen & Paintbrush Collection
Apocalypse: An Anthology by Readers & Authors
Paranormal Anthology with a Twist
Stalkers: A Collection of Thriller Stories
Love Potions, Lotion and Lore by Folk Heart Press
All Our Love Published by Novel Grounds
Winter Kiss
The Pen & Paintbrush Collection
This is a collection of the Pen & Paintbrush Short Stories. A contemporary romance that takes place in Los Angeles.  This Collection is only available in paperback. You can either purchase a signed copy through this website, or click on the cover and purchase through Amazon.

The One (A Pen& Paintbrush Short Story)
Synopsis: Kate Flannery is a successful author. She has a loving family and amazing friends,but she has never had good luck with men. Then one night, while supporting her best friend, Kate meets the man of her dreams. A cocky artist, with razor sharp wit and a dazzling smile.

When he extorts a date from her, Kate begins to have her doubts. Will things turn out differently this time? Or will he break her heart like the others? Only by seeing the date through will Kate discover if she is... The One.

This is a contemporary romance short story that was originally published in the Novel Ground's anthology All Our Love.

The Gift (A Pen& Paintbrush Short Story)

Synopsis: In The One, Kate Flannery and Matt Eisner met at a gallery opening and, after spending one evening together, realized that it was true love. Now, eight months later, they are happily living together in Matt's home in Malibu and getting ready for their first Chanukah and Christmas together. But as the holidays draw near, an unexpected problem threatens their happy holiday.

Will they be able to weather the storm and find their happiness this holiday season? Or will the intolerance of the past tear them apart?

On the last night of Chanukah and Christmas Eve, they will discover... The Gift.

This is a contemporary romance short story that was originally published in the Rising Indies United anthology Winter Kiss.


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