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Love Potions, Lotion and Lore by Folk Heart Press
This is a 63 page booklet that has been published by Folk Heart Press.  It is a book that celebrates the many forms of love.  Including: Self-Love, Familial Love, Truth about love, Love of Places and Romantic Love.

My contribution is a piece that has been re-titled First Love (it is actually a chapter from my novel The Gathering).  Eighteen artists contrbuted their work to put this book together (Pia Barksdale, Sara Bell, Henry Biernacki, Amanda Davis, SL Dearing, Jim Duzak, Michael Hills, Dr. Brandy McCans, Carolyn Moncel, Teresa Morrow, Michael North, Karen Pierce Gonzalez, Ron Petty, Greg Richardson, Dietrich Stroeh, Dalton Teczon, David Templeton, Wendy Van Hatten, Marion Witte, Aryn Youngless are a few).  There are poems, Short Stories, songs, Lore and recipes.  

All Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the National Center for Family Literacy.

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