Virginia Cantrell (V. Cantrell) - Editor (Author)
Magen McMinimy - Cover Artist (Author)
C.M. Wright's Author Services
Gayleen Beyers - Cover Artist
Rene Folsom - Cover Artist (Author)
Coeli Jones - Editor
Cynthia Shepp - Editor and Publisher
Cynthia Shepp - Editor and Publisher



Cynthia has always had a passion for books. From a very young age she knew that she wanted to grow up to be the person that got to read the books first. She has a special fondness for independent authors as she applauds the gumption to realize your dreams on your own. She is in her last year of college working her way towards a B.A. in English Literature from Grand Canyon University. She has spent her time in school editing term papers and short stories on Wattpad. She has had poems and articles published, but would rather edit than write. She has a personal blog where she reviews books, focusing on indie authors. She loves all genres of books, but if she had to pick a favorite or two she would pick paranormal and post-apocalyptic novels. She loves living in the worlds that authors create, even if only for a short time. Cynthia lives in Alabama with her husband and three rambunctious, but adorable, children ranging in age from one to eight. Her dream allows her to stay at home with her children, doing a job she loves, and being the mom she wants to be at the same time. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and pretending to enjoy Auburn Tiger football with her husband.

List of Authors and Books she has edited:

Jason Brant: The Gate, Tartarus, Sheol, The Dark
Jon Messenger: The Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Card Tricks, Rage
T.L. Frye: The Secret of Magik and Dragons

Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels: Exposing Ele, Surviving Ele

Magen McMinimy: Blood Claim, Ressurection Stone, Shadowed Memories, Primal Hunger

Tanith Morse: Super Dark 2 and Super Dark 3

Rene Folsom: Heart You, Voices of the Soul
Anthologies: Apocalypse and Twist


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