Apocalypse: An Anthology by Readers & Authors

 Paperback of the anthology Apocalypse: An Anthology by Readers & Authors - Signed by S.L. Dearing

What began as an idea soon set into motion a chain of events which would lead to the next APOCALYPSE... I want you to imagine that the world as we know it has ended. Total Apocalypse. You only have yourself and one other person you can rely on. There is no power, no water, and you are armed with only a backpack of supplies. In your backpack there are matches, four bottles of water, enough food to make it three days, and one weapon. Spin a web of survival, danger, and conflict. Tell us why the world as you knew it ended, tell us your fears, make up a world in which nothing is the same and survival is hard, and the world is against you. Tell us what you would do, where you would go, how you would get food and water, how you would protect yourself, and how you would make your life over again. You could even throw in some romance and meet some new people to help you on your journey. 11 authors, 11 different stories, one main idea…welcome to the APOCALYPSE…

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