Multifarious: A Multi-Genre Short Story Collection

Signed paperback version of S.L. Dearing's Mutli-Genre Short Story Collection - Multifarious 

From the mind of Author S.L. Dearing, five short stories in five different genres.

True Fodder is a Paranormal Horror. When Jackson Montgomery and Miranda Stuart are partnered up during the company Team Building weekend, neither of them could be less thrilled. Out in the middle of a forest, things aren't always what they appear and when these "frenemies" are pulled into a nightmare, can they put aside their differences and escape?
Drawing Heat is a paranormal erotica. Tristan the artist, and Natalia the art agent. While the sexual tension that flows from Tristan is undeniable, there is also a sense of foreboding. Something that is dark and dangerous that makes Natalia want to run.Yet, when Tristan decides to change the nature of their relationship, will Natalia succumb to the fire he elicits from her? And if so, will she survive the night?
 Shelf Life is a post-apocalyptic dystopian. Shannon and her dog, Max, have been hiding in her shelter for three weeks. The phones are dead and the radio has been nothing but static for several weeks now. What will happen when Shannon leaves thesafety of her shelter in search of food? Has the Apocalypse happened? We all have a Shelf Life. 
Affliction is a thriller horror. Kaila is a vivacious young collegiate. Life is great! That is until a mysterious package leads to one frightening event after another. Can Kaila figure out who is watching her, before it's too late?
Bloodlines is a paranormal thriller. Fleeing Nazi occupied Germany and arriving at a small cottage deep in the woods of France, Sascha and Eduard Engle have no idea whatis in store for them or who the kindly old man is who is taking care of them.But on a cold winter the night, they will learn everything they need to know about their Bloodlines. 
Welcome to the world of S.L. Dearing. Sometimes dark,sometimes evil, always intriguing.
PriceĀ  $ 6.00
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